Tri-Centennial Celebration Flowers and Showers Lighted Barge Parade

NATCHITOCHES, LA- The Tri-Centennial Steering Committee is sponsoring a Tricentennial Celebration lighted barge parade contest, April 26, 2014, at 8:30 P.M., as part of the Natchitoches Tri-Centennial Celebration.
The best lighted barge will receive a $500 award. The Cane River Waterway Commission will present a $100 award to the boat that best displays safety features. To be considered for this award you must identify your boat as one entered for the safety award. You will also be eligible for the boat lighting competition. There will be a live concert on the Riverbank Stage prior to the lighted barge parade from 6-8 PM featuring Hardrick Rivers and the Rivers Review. Bring your boat early, register and enjoy the concert prior to the parade. Boat registration will begin at 8 PM on the north end of the downtown riverbank at the boat dock. Judging will begin at 8:15 PM while the boats parade past the Riverbank Stage. The Cane River Waterway commission will assist with the line-up and parade. Out of town entries can unload their boats on the Washington Street Boat Ramp at the north end of Natchitoches but a short distance from the downtown riverbank.
Criteria for the Tri-Centennial Celebration Flowers and Showers Lighted Barge Parade include: (1) power boats 16 feet or longer are eligible; (2) all pontoon boats are eligible; (2) each boat must have lights in addition to the regular running lights on the entry; (3) lighted party barges should follow a Tri-Centennial theme- Sacred Faith, Black History, Colonial Heritage, Music Heritage, Women’s History, Sports and Recreation, Louisiana Heritage, Art in August, Founders’ Day, Creole Heritage, Honoring Our Veterans, and Christmas Heritage; (4) lighting themes can also incorporate anything related to the history, culture, people, architecture, and cuisine unique to Natchitoches; and (5) sound is optional but will not be considered as a judging criteria. Register your entry at the Riverbank boat dock by 8:00 and be in position at the line up site by 8:15, which is the same area. 
For additional information contact Ron McBride, Tri-Centennial Manager, Natchitoches City Hall, 700 Second Street, (318) 238-5489.