Adai Indian Nation Cultural Center

The Cultural Museum, located on the Historic Site, allows visitors to experience a day in the life of the Adai Caddo Indians.

Also on the site is the historic St. Anne’s Catholic Church, the oldest in the Louisiana Purchase. The church played an important role in the converting of the Adai to Catholicism. Tours may be scheduled through the village.

  • Visit historic dwellings
  • Explore the Cultural Center
  • View the historical artifacts found on the site
  • Visit historic St. Anne’s Catholic Church
  • Food court and arts and crafts shop
  • Traditional Indian dances
  • Admission – group rates
  • Gift shop

Call before: 9AM-5PM
4460 HWY 485
Robeline, LA 71469

4460 Hwy. 485
(877) 472-1007 or (318) 472-1007
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